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I found some treasures for you:

What We'll Build by Oliver Jeffers


Sulwe is about a child by the same name whose skin is the darkest among her family and friends. She wishes her skin was brighter like the rest of them, but when a star from the sky takes her on a journey into a mythical story about light and dark, she discovers her value. Essentially, Sulwe finds her worth through her heritage, and I love that. Her name means star in Dholuo, and the story, whether or not it is traditional, is at least reminiscent of a cultural fable. The text is beautiful, and the illustrations are fantastic.

By Lupitya Nyong'o
Illustrated by Vashti Harrison

With success, there is more than hard work involved. There is also a fair amount of luck. It requires opportunities and the right conditions, some of which may not appear too often.

In his blog, Jason Roberts shared his idea of the "luck surface area:"

"The amount of serendipity that will occur in your life, your Luck Surface Area, is directly proportional to the degree to which you do something you're passionate about combined with the total number of people to whom this is effectively communicated. It's a simple concept, but an extremely powerful one because what it implies is that you can directly control the amount of luck you receive. In other words, you make your own luck."

If luck is the product of doing and communicating, then you can build your luck surface area by getting out of your house and entering the world of people, where anything can happen.

  1. Join a critique group.
  2. Share your work online.
  3. Attend seminars and workshops.
  4. Meet your peers and get to know them.
  5. Develop the skills in your craft.
  6. Develop the skills to communicate your craft.

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