Newsletter #6 - June 10 2019​​



I trust all is well. For me another hectic week has gone by and another bunch of issues have been discussed across it. 

So for those who are not on the social media platforms, here we go!

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Let's get into it.

The Panuku Sale

It seems we never get to hear the truth - and that's the changes I'm talking about. We need to hear it because what you end up with if you don't speak openly about public issues, is speculation, assumption and bad PR. Sadly the Council and Panuku have seemingly given us all three of those items.

A $3 million sale for a prime piece of rate-payer owned real estate. It seems wrong because it smells wrong. Now the PR teams are working in overdrive to save face on this entire fiasco. 

Goff telling us he saved $80 million with the sale, and now the press is reporting that Panuku has said the sale price is all about the asbestos removal. Problem is, there are too many secrets going on.

Why is it that transparency is so difficult? Panuku is a property developer clouded in secrecy. We really need to fix that don't we....


Auckland has a major problem with illegal dumping. 

We need to change.

The current inorganic collection system is faulty, and that illegal dumpers are taking advantage of the NODUMP phone number. He says the money being spent on the 0800 NODUMP system is nonsensical.

The monitoring, the administration, the collection, and then the investigations and rare pitiful fines. It makes no sense to keep going this way and the illegal dumping is getting worse

If you know that a member of the public will call a number to have your illegally placed rubbish collected for free, then why not do it? The dumpers clearly have no community morals, so why wouldn’t they take advantage of this situation?

I propose that the Council prioritises a rethink on the growing refuse problem that has spread itself across the entire Auckland region.

What we need to do is dump or upgrade the online yearly booking system for the inorganic rubbish collection. It’s heavily restricted on what can be set out for pickup, and that is also an issue. I’ve garnered feedback from the general public and they are fairly unanimous in their thoughts – give Aucklander’s at least one single day per year to take their rubbish to the tip for free. Maybe even twice a year.

It needs a lot of discussion and feedback. Mainly due to the mess and scavenging problems that occur with kerbside dumping, but we must find a better solution. The current system is broken so we need to make changes. Maybe it’s time for each community to rally around and support themselves – and maybe the Council could help create an online database of area locals willing to bring a trailer to your place. That’s a win-win and quite doable. But as I’ve stated, the current system isn’t working so we need a massive rethink – including ideas outside of the box

Dumping is only one part of a major refuse problem for the city that needs addressing. The proposed landfill in Dome Valley needs to be stopped, we have to urgently solve the recycling issues, and the tag system in Waitakere is a complete disaster. It’s time for the Council to remind itself of its core fundamental duties – and sorting rubbish happens to be one of them.

A Back Pat...


It's actually funny now. Just funny. 

The mainstream media keep talking up two particular candidates and have seemingly zero idea about how much support we have. I say we because it's not just me, this is all of us. It's our campaign together.

Anyway, at some point one of the main journos will have a sudden involuntary impulse and twitch when they realise they've underestimated us all - then they might make contact.

But as you can see from that particular Facebook Data Insight - we're doing good!

The Waiheke Ferry


You would have seen in the news the dramas with the Fullers Waiheke ferries. But I have a genuine issue with what was proposed. Handing control over to Auckland Transport. That's a problem given AT's current bad reputation. I don't have an answer, but I do see more problems if that path is walked down.

I get the issues from both Fullers and the passengers. 

And it's not like anyone can just go out and spend millions on a ferry to provide competition - the ROI would not be worthy of the efforts. So what is the answer? I know passengers were upset about the ferries being fog-bound. But you can't blame Fullers for that - nor can you blame them if there is a mechanical issue with the ferry, passenger safety is paramount. 

Fullers have made mistakes though, but there is a lot of anger at the moment from the passengers. I honestly don't have the answers. Would it be possible to bring in more privateers to run ferries? They'll have to share the docks - so that's another issue. I'm open to input on this. Feel free to make contact if you have a solution.

My Dad and My First Boss Were Wise.

They both told me the same thing many many years ago. You'll know the saying.

"look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves"

It's so true really isn't it. In our household we've learnt to tighten the purse strings. 


For some reason the Auckland Council doesn't. However in saying this, they are very quick to put out press releases telling us where they have suddenly saved millions - but gosh, no surprise it's close to election time.

I'm pretty much dead-set on finding all the silly little spends that go on. There seems to be a constant theme occurring - that being the press reporting on money badly spent. Why does it happen? Another old saying comes to mind for that answer. 

"It's ok, it's not my money" 

Sad, but so true. I've even heard people in business say it over the years when talking about jobs that their clients are funding. It's rank.

What we need to do is get a better environment and attitude happening from those with the keys to the ratepayer till. Make them treat the petty cash and budgets as though it was coming out of their own bank account. It's an important mindset. 

Dome Valley Landfill Fight


Well done to the locals in their fight to stop the Dome Valley landfill.

I back them 100%

We need better ideas.

Read the media report here. 



I didn't want to do it, but friends and family have convinced me it's actually ok to ask. So I have begrudgingly setup a donation page HERE

It's to boost the exposure on Social Media platforms which is to be fair enormously powerful. So if you would like to help, even if you're not on one, please do so.

And as much as I do hate asking, I'm at the same time extremely appreciative. 

Alright, that's it for Newsletter #6. 

Have a great week, I'll be in touch again soon.  

Thanks for your interest.

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