A Big Opportunity This Week

I'm so happy to celebrate my 17th anniversary with my wife Molly today (see the pic at the bottom)! Our youngest son Valor just turned 4 yesterday. You see him above in Full Face Tiger mode!

You can now sign up for my upcoming Locational Astrology / Astrocartography classes in 2019! If you sign up by the end of November, please take 15% off with the coupon 15OFF.

I'm also working on a new podcast that I hope to start by early 2019. You can always check my site to see what's new: AstrologyForTheSoul.com

I'm enjoying my current intermediate-to-advanced online astrology class: Holistic Astrology​. We have completed 7 of the 12 classes, and if you'd like to join us, I can still email you mp4s (video files) of the first seven classes. The class is currently being offered on a donation basis, but will be sold for $250 in the future.

My new Facebook page features frequent updates about the astrological weather: Astrology, The Cosmic Mirror with Moses Siregar (I'm close to 500 likes, just need a few more ...)

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Jupiter is Coming To Town

The holiday season arrives early this Thursday, November 8th, when Jupiter enters his domicile, Sagittarius. But before we turn to visions of fat, red-faced magical white men sliding down our chimneys to deliver our toys, let’s look at some other powerful stuff.

An interesting little geometrical pattern is being formed as Uranus squares the moon’s nodes at 0 Taurus and 0 Leo. Jupiter is at 29 Scorpio and will enter Sadge on Thursday. So Jupiter is in trine to the north node (Rahu) and quincunx to Uranus. It forms a kind of funky, imperfect triangle, but a strong one nonetheless. It’s a lot like life right now: challenging, productive, imperfect, uncomfortable, magical.

Uranus continues to reign over the heavens, plugged into the moon’s nodes by a perfect square, scaring the snot out of us every now and then with the possibility of earth-shattering change. Or maybe it’s a dynamic time of rapid, uncomfortable growth, or a path toward freedom lined with detours. The Aquarians must feel like a set of Christmas lights glowing brightly for all the world to see. Grounding. Deep breaths. Ahhh.

It’s as if a switch is about to be flicked, a train is about to veer onto a different track. It’s pretty incredible. On Tuesday, Uranus re-enters Aries at nearly the same time the north node leaves Leo and enters Cancer. It’s eerie how perfectly these two hands on the heavenly clock are synchronized, but my sense is that it’s time for some kind of change to move forward in our lives.  We need the initiating power of Cancer and Aries, a new focus on home and family, and a time to go back and reclaim our power before Uranus leaves Aries for another 75 years. Bring on the new.

We’ve been through about a year and a half of the north node in tropical Leo, and a year of Jupiter in Scorpio.  We should certainly give these passages their due.

There has been a classic Leo-Scorpio dynamic in play while Jupiter has been in Scorpio and the north node in Leo. Our heart has been saying we want to find the confidence to expand our hearts and presence in the world, and the Scorpio dynamic offers everything from self-destructive detours to emotional complexity to surrendering to one’s own transformation.

My late friend Kelly Lee Phipps used to say that Scorpio was ultimately about surrender. I disagreed, saying that surrender is the last thing Scorpio is actually about, that Scorpio possesses an iron core that refuses to surrender, and is even willing to die trying to refuse that surrender (hehe). I think we were both right, or at least he was. Because to really transform in a Scorpionic way is to totally commit to and engage with the object of your passion. And that requires a very deep kind of surrender. However, it feels more like loving fully, energetically, with great concern for the needs of the other(s).

A year ago I made a point of saying that with Jupiter entering Scorpio we were returning to the charred earth of 2013-2015 (especially 2013-2014), a time when many people endured trials while Saturn traversed tropical Scorpio.  The question was, would the previous year be a time of healing those old wounds? Would we commit the same mistakes? Would we learn from our mistakes? Could we plug ourselves into some kind of greater power source and see ourselves rise powerfully from our own ashes?

Well. How has it gone? It’s partly because I have Scorpio Rising, but I think I have transformed over the last year. It’s been a rocky road, but I’m giving the best effort of my life both professionally and within my marriage, and it feels incredible. I’ve come more than ever to know and feel the presence of grace. It really is humbling.

Jupiter leaves Scorpio on Thursday, so the first few days of this week are a natural time to ponder the deeper and more intense processes of growth you’ve been going through over the last year.  Maybe there’s something you need to release this week, before you wake up on Thursday. Now is a very good time to let something heavy go.

Because it may be harvest time soon. And in order to receive all that we seek, and yearn for, and deserve, we have to make space. We have to let the old go, so that our cups can be refilled.

When Jupiter enters Sagittarius, it’ll be time to let some rays of light in, to clear away the darkness, release the sadness and pain, and give thanks for grace. Receive from your higher powers. Speak to them, if you will. Ask and it shall be given.

May all beings be happy and free!


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