October News from Core Virtues

As we enter the season of foliage fireworks, children's spirits are still high and their resolve is earnest, but classes become more difficult. Diligence, perseverance, and self-control, this month's virtues, provide added tools for the virtues toolbox. They are particularly helpful for the child who is tempted to give up on times-tables or math facts, for the student who is baffled by paragraph organization, or the pupil who just plain "has a lot of quit in him." Whether you're reading such classics as "The Tortoise and the Hare," or new classics, such as Six Dots or The World is Not a Rectangle or My Mouth is a Volcano, October is a time of gentle nudging to go the extra mile.

To keep your Morning Gathering current and lively, we post new literary selections almost daily. We invite you to help us. If there are virtue-themed books you love, that you don't find here, please send your suggestions to us at corevirtues@gmail.com.

Our Virtue of the Month tab provides many literary recommendations to exemplify and reinforce the virtues.  But schools recently embarked on the Core Virtues program have asked:  if we can only afford twelve books this month, what should they be? What are some basics, for say, Kindergarten to Second Grade?  In an effort to make their lives easier, we undertook the excruciating task of winnowing.  Here are our K-2 suggested book lists, and we'll be putting together older grades next. Remember, though, you teachers and parents are the best judges.

What's New?

HEROES:  Don't forget to check out our monthly Heroes page, where each month we spotlight one heroic exemplar of the virtue under study.  Our October 2019 pick (for diligence, perseverance, self-control) is Louis Braille, and you can learn more about him here.


Telling Our Stories

If only there were some heroic exemplar of perseverance among the young today... Oh wait, there is.

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