December 2021

Know Who Wears the Genes in Your Family: Family History and Genealogy



Genealogy Brick Wall: Another New DNA Mystery Match-Part 2

Continue my journey with me on a temporary genealogy brick wall for yet another new DNA mystery match that had just showed up. I call it a temporary brick wall because I have not really exhausted all of my resources, but I had found all the known descendants for those lines (not to mention that I know of that generation’s descendants very well), and he is unknown of...

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Genealogy Jamboree and Genetic Genealogy Conferences 2022 Save the Date!

Do you want to join the largest "single society" conference in the U.S. that draws family historians and professional genealogists from all over the world? Don’t forget to save the dates for the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree and Genetic Genealogy 2022 conferences to hear renowned speakers from all over, speaking on a variety of genealogy and genetic genealogy topics to help you in your research!

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Give the Gift of Family this Christmas! 

Christmas is the perfect time to give the gift of family! Heirloom family tree and pedigree charts are simple, quick and thoughful gifts that continue giving throughout the generations!

Give the gift of family this Christmas! 

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The winner of the 2 hours of FREE family history and genealogy research is Kathryn Schultz!

Stay tuned for more chances to win!

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