Hello everyone.  I hope you are enjoying a glorious change of seasons.  We drove to Wyoming from Bend, and here are 2 of my favorite scenes.


Have you noticed my new logo & tag line?  Here's why.

This is a little long everyone, and veers from what I normally send in my newsletters, but I hope you will read it and maybe even gain some insight into a personal situation you might be going through.  I have done a lot of soul searching and honing of my talents and life purpose this last year.  I have always told my clients a lesson I learned when first listening to Jerry read one of Ester Hicks/Abraham books.  The gist of it is "if you are paddling upstream in a canoe and getting nowhere, fighting and struggling, turn around and paddle downstream!"  Take a different route. If something you are choosing to do is simply not working, try something different. My Guides always give a message during sessions for any given situation in life that says "In the Ease of Flow is Where Your Power Resides."  I finally decided to take my own advice. 

While I love doing energy work, know it is my calling, and know that I can help others, it was simply not coming together as a career.  After years of not gaining a solid clientele and quite honestly questioning myself, I finally took a step back to look at the bigger picture.  What was working, what fed my soul?  Answer: Volunteering as a reiki practitioner at St. Charles Cancer Center, and creating my art as a means of helping others.  Practically speaking, when looking at my income, my art was also the only place of profit.

After crying, feeling like a failure, wondering why life is so unfair, comparing myself to others, and wondering if I imagined my abilities to use healing energy to help others; basically having a HUGE pity party that we Aries are so famous for. I dried off the tears, apologized to my Guides and Guardians for doubting them and yelling at them, then looked again at my situation from puffy yet clear eyes.  (That was really hard to admit to everyone, I almost took this paragraph out.  Anyone else ever feel that way?)  Here is what I realized:

My art IS energy work.  My art IS healing.  My art IS my calling.  It feeds my soul, it helps others, and it is my strongest connection to the angels, animals, and spiritual realm.  I still use my connection to vibrational healing through the use of infusing each item I create with Reiki and other healing energies, Flora Corona & other essences, gemstones, sound, sacred geometry, and of course, color!  When I channel a message from someone's guardian angel, it is such an amazing experience and so beneficial to others.  That IS energy healing.  And I am good at it ;).

I won't go into my volunteering in this email, just to say that it too feeds my soul and is SO important; you can read about it here.

So, what does all this mean?  I do not have a treatment room anymore and I am no longer offering in-person sessions. I am still considering offering flower essence consultations and creations remotely. For my current clients: I will recommend practitioners whom I think you will fit with well!  

For everyone, please go to my website and see what I am up to!  The creative energy has been flowing!  Chakra hearts, clearing cushions, inspirational card decks, and of course my angels, fairies, spirit animals and more!  In honor of my new ease of flow, you can use this code for 15% off everything in my Energy Art Store through the end of the year! Use "ENERGYART15" at checkout.


Blessings to You All,


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