Newsletter #10 - August 6 2019​​

Hello and welcome to the Craig Lord newsletter :)

I trust everything is going well in your world, it's starting to ramp up in mine, and I'm really looking forward to the challenge ahead. There's a few meetings coming up run by individual entities and I've listed those at the end of this newsletter, sadly there are no official public ones run by Council or the Electoral office.

However I am in the last stages of working out a calendar to try visit various regions for myself rather than organised by others. I'll list those out once confirmed.

Anyway, let's get into this particular newsletter - and as always it's predominantly directed towards those not on social media or those just wanting a general wrap-up between the last and this.

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Recent Stuff Articles

I sat down with Nick Truebridge from Stuff and had a wee chat. I did find it funny that he used 'attack' in the headline. After the interview I was really pleased when he looked at me and said "you're not in this for the power are you" - he worked it out real quick.

Anyway if you missed it you can take a look.



And another article here which is for the Motorsport amongst you - but - it's actually more than that, it shows how the CCO's work across the board. They love their bullying tactics - which I despise in people. 


Waste To Energy

Yes I'm still hot on this - and rightfully so. It's fantastic technology and it needs to happen. It will make a massive difference to Auckland.

The proposed landfill in Dome valley is a future nightmare, I still can't believe they're thinking of putting it there. A toxic dump in a pristine part of the country, where it will leach into our waterways. It just boggles the mind.

However, by changing our mindset of recycling, and bringing back the old system for inorganic collections we can remove the need for such landfills.

Take a look at this... YOUTUBE EXAMPLE

SHA - Building in Auckland


Welcome to Scott Point.

Scott Point is an SHA development on the old Hobsonville airbase. It's not part of Hobsonville Point - just happens to be the next door neighbour from hell.

From the Council website: "To help combat Auckland's housing crisis, SHAs were established across the city where fast-track development of housing, including affordable housing, could take place."

"fast-track" - oh indeed....

Scott Point is a perfect example of an inept Council system.
Is it not controlled, all the Council cares about is "how quick can you build?"

It is the genuine 'Wild West' when it comes to building in Auckland.

Buildings are poorly built and not to spec, but being ticked off nonetheless. Council doesn't care. Home owners are being shafted by piss-poor construction standards and Council washes its hands of it. Want remedial? Oh that's a civil case between the new owners and the builders...

Developers and contractors breach safety codes regularly - remembering that a builder died there earlier this year after falling.

And to top it off, contractors use empty sites to dump their waste. Making the next contractor deal with it - or us Ratepayers. Let's not chat about how much is blown into our waterways or washed down the drains...

As Mayor I will unite the Councillors to join me in making the staff in the various building and construction departments accountable for their jobs. They need to step up and not just be on a wage. They are there to serve the community - which currently they are not.

This is just one example of what is happening across our city.
Enough is enough.

Building Consents

Continuing the building theme, this city is in big trouble. I recently put a call out to get any horror stories around building consents, developments and dodgy builders - and wow - it escalated quickly!

The amount of emails I received became too much to handle! It is so bad out there that I did a press release on it - which Stuff picked up on. They'll be doing a feature on it soon. But unless you've been caught in the system you just won't grasp how dire the situation is.

Plans are being submitted that are incorrect and being passed, builders and developers are breaking rules and codes knowing they can get away with it, and the neighbours and new home owners are being left to deal with the problem.

The really sad part is how the Council is able to wash its hands of any problems, they stall and stall, and then it gets to the point where it is no longer their issue so it becomes a civil matter - legal cases between the builders/developers and the general public. I'm sure you agree that doing it this way is not in the best interests of the public - the people the Council are meant to be serving.

The system needs a major investigation and overhaul. 

Here's the press release I sent to Stuff >>> CLICK HERE

It's YOUR money...


It's good for you to know that Auckland Transport is looking at hiring expensive public relations consultants in a bid to improve its reputation.

A source told the Weekend Herald a panel of PR companies are poised to be awarded a contract to help the organisation polish its tarnished image.

The companies on the list charge between 190 and 250 dollars an hour and up to 350 dollars for senior staff.

A spokesperson for Goff's office says they understand it'll save the organisation money, and any savings are welcomed.

However they say hourly rates of up to 350 dollars seem higher than they would expect having to pay.

ENOUGH!!! The CCO's need reeling in. We must have elected Councillors back on the boards. 

An Auckland Sporting Code is in Trouble

You may not enjoy Motorsport or care about it, and that's ok, but what you do need to care about is the way the bullying system works. It's happening to Chamberlain Park, Dome Valley, Titirangi, and particular sporting communities. There is a way to fight back though - and this is why it is important to vote. 

Watercare vs Community

Watercare is looking to destroy a massive section of forest in the Titirangi district. They've got other places for their new site - but they seem intent on using this one.

Resource consent for Watercare’s Huia Water Treatment Plant was publicly notified on August 5, and will remain open until the 2nd of September. This plant is to be built by destroying 3.5 hectares of protected bush and it makes a mockery of the Climate Change Emergency and biodiversity crisis that Council has declared.

With this land currently closed for kauri protection one has to ask how one can move such quantities of soil directly above a Regional Park containing some of the oldest kauris in Auckland without creating a biosecurity risk.

Consultants declared in December 2015 that the land failed their site principles test because it was too small for its intended purpose, leaving little room for future expansion.

It's not good. 

If you're keen to know more (and I really hope you are), head to the Titirangi Protection website to take a better look at what is happening - and if you have the time, put in a submission to Council to fight against this massive industrial plant going into a pristine Auckland forest.



Upcoming Appearances:

"Meet the Candidate" meetings and debates. If you want to attend and need more detail on them please get in touch contact@craiglord.nz

August 16 - Grey Power North Shore

August 26 - Titirangi

August 30 - Wellsford

Sept 4 - Rainbow Auckland

Sept 6 - Karaka Residents and Ratepayers

Sept 23 - Milford Residents Association

Sept 25 - JP Commission / Anti-Poverty Commission

Sept 26 - Samoan Business Network

Sept 27 - Grey Power Howick / Pakuranga

Sept 30 - Kohimarama (and Eastern) Residents Association

Alright, that's it for Newsletter #10

Have a great week, I'll be in touch again soon.  

Thanks so much for your interest - and please if you have any questions, feedback or fights you want me to join you on please do not hesitate to email.


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