Consistently Mediocre LLC.

"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got."

-Albert Einstein 

Monthly Newsletter

Volume 14 

August  2021

August is here and what an amazing summer it has been thus far. I just returned from my 40th high school reunion the best way to sum it up  is by quoting a very dear friend of mine who could not have said it better. "Why is it a day can drag on forever but 40 years pass by in a minute? I don’t know the last time I saw so and so and I don’t talk with my friend x  near enough. But Saturday night it felt like only yesterday. Our reunion was fun, and poignant and humbling as old friends shared their stories, their struggles, and their successes. I went to High School with some pretty special people and this weekend was a great reminder of that." Thank you Rich. I could not have said it better myself.

As you know, I usually quote a chapter from my book or give a little teaser or lesson. I wanted to do something a little different this time and dedicate this newsletter to the woman who has been by my side for 30 years. I proudly would like to say that we will be celebrating our 30 year wedding anniversary this Sunday August 1st, 2021. She is my "Ride or Die" and has been by my side more than I deserve. I felt the best way to honor her is to re-publish the last chapter of my book. "She Is Some Kind of Wonderful". So without further adieu, here it is:

Every day is a gift

            The year was 1991. I was a 28-year-old divorced dad, running the family restaurant and life could not be any better. I was young, made good money, was well known in the community, and I didn’t have a care in the world, or so I thought. My life was all about me. I did what I want, when I wanted, and to whom I wanted. I had it all, or so it seemed, but something was missing. I wasn’t happy and could not figure out why. I was always searching. I drank, gambled, partied, did everything and anything I wanted to in excess, but I still did not find what I was looking for. Finally, when I stopped seeking, and opened my eyes, I found what I was looking for. My search was over, and I was given the greatest gift I could ever receive, and my life would never be the same the day she entered my world.

            This may sound like a typical love story, but it is more than that. This is not about the trials and triumphs of a relationship, or the sanctity of marriage, but about a woman who saved my life. This is a story about dedication, friendship, and love in its truest form. I never thought I would receive this type of love; I did nothing in my life to deserve this type of love. I was unworthy.

            When running a restaurant, I meet all sorts of people, from different walks of life and different backgrounds, so it is not unusual to get to know people that frequently dine in your establishment.  On multiple occasions, I would notice a family of four come in very frequently, and I got to know them on a friendly basis. Little did I know that this family would become my family.  The parents of two adult children would come in several times a week and we started talking. One day the mother asked me, “why can’t my daughter meet a nice guy like you?’ I responded, “give her my number.” I figured, if she called, it would be just another friend, dating companion, or another notch in my bedpost. I thought it would be nothing special. Boy, was I wrong. I was not prepared for what was about to become the greatest moments of my life.

            My life changed on March 6, 1991 at about 3:00 in the afternoon, when my phone rang. It was her. I knew I’ve seen her, but really didn’t remember much about her. She came in the restaurant several times with her parents and brother, but I did not know much about her. Her voice on the other end of the phone sounded a little bit nervous and anxious as she asked if we could meet for a drink or something one night. Without hesitation I said: “Sure, how about tonight? I get off at 10:00.” 

We had made a date to meet at bar on Hollywood Beach Florida for 11:00 that night.  I got there a little early and had a drink at the bar, of course hitting on and flirting with the female patrons sitting around me. Then, I saw her, wearing a long sleeve white sweater with gray paisley designs on it and a pair of jeans. She smiled when she saw me, and joined me at the bar. We sat and talked for a while, and walked along the beach. She told me about her life, where she was from, what she did for a living, her likes and dislikes, and all the other first date chit chat. I saw sincerity in her beautiful brown eyes as she spoke. She was real. She had values and virtue, I knew that these were the things in my life that were missing. We went to a couple of other places that night for a few drinks and ended up having dinner at 2:00 in the morning at a local restaurant and bar in Hollywood Florida. As we dined on Buffalo style chicken wings and beer, we continued to talk and got to know each other.

 We were both just seeking a friend; or so it seemed, so neither one of us knew what was going to develop.  We talked until dawn, and parted ways. I said I would call her later, never thinking I would. Well, I did and this woman eventually became my wife. There are many things that go in to a marriage to make it successful, and I managed, somehow, to screw up every one of them. She hung in there. She made it work. She was there by my side for 30 years. No matter what I did wrong she was there to pick up the pieces.

            She got pregnant with my first son Michael a few months after we were married. When she gave me the news she was pregnant, her beautiful brown eyes lit up. This woman, who would save me from myself and save my life, was carrying my child. Her five foot five frame and long dark brown hair seemed to glow when she carried our child. He eyes had a sparkle in them every time she spoke. The nine months that followed were somewhat uneventful. We picked up her mother to stay with us for couple of days when the baby was born. That night, as I was watching “Scarface” on HBO, I heard her call me from the bathroom. “ My water broke,” she said as I frantically scrambled around the house to get her to the hospital. As we made it to the birthing center, time seemed to stand still.  We eagerly awaited our new arrival.  Finally, after 12 hours of labor, our son came into this world. The look on her face, the tears in her eyes, and the joy in our hearts finally made me realize what I was searching for and seeking. It was at that pivotal moment that all my seeking and searching became clear. This is what God wanted me to do. This is what I was meant to do. I was meant to share a life. I was meant to love.

            About six years after our son Michael was born, my wife went for a routine eye exam thinking she needed a stronger contact lenses prescription. She has been wearing contact lenses and glasses since she was young, so it was no big deal changing prescription regularly as she got older and her vision changed. She was complaining of some blurred peripheral vision and thought it would be a routine check-up. Her doctor told her to go see a specialist. He had no bedside manner or regard for patients’ well-being whatsoever and said to her in a “matter of fact” manner, you may have a brain tumor.  Time seemed to have stopped. She does not remember how she got home, or who she spoke with, somehow she made it home to me. We prayed and prayed. She went for more tests and we anxiously awaited the results.  While all this was going on in her life, and she did not know if she was going to live or die, her only concern was to finish the surprise 35th birthday party for me. As she awaited her test results on Monday, putting her own life on hold, she planned and successful launched a surprise party for me. All my friends and family were there and nobody knew what was going on. She did not want to ruin my “special day”. When Monday came, our praying paid off. What she had was a fluid buildup a “pseudo tumor” on her optic nerve and it could be cured with diuretics and medication. Later that year, she became pregnant with my second son, Jerry. This was a miracle in itself. Her pregnancy cured her pseudo tumor and the need for diuretics was no longer needed. All the years of saving me, praying for me and doing the right thing paid off and God was shining on us once again.

My boys have grown to be great men. I always said that I wanted to be half the man my father was, and I would like to think that I have accomplished that. My boys, however, are twice the men I will ever be. My oldest son Michael proudly serves in the United States Air Force as a member of the Thunderbirds Team. Jerry has grown to his own as well. He is currently attending college as an engineering student on an academic scholarship while working full time. I can only take partial credit what great men they have become. These great men are products of my beautiful wife Christine.

            30 years of marriage does have its trials and tribulations. All of our vows were tested in one way or another. We lived through richer and poorer, better or worse, and sickness and health. We endured 9 hurricanes, 20 job changes, 6 homes, 2 bankruptcies, death of family members, a stroke, 2 heart episodes, multiple surgeries, and much, much more. I have battled my own demons of alcoholism, drug use and other evils. Through it all, she stood by me. Many years have passed and we are both not what we used to be. Her beautiful long brown hair may now have touches of gray in it, and her body has endured child birth and surgeries, so it may not be what it used to be, but she is still as beautiful as the day we met. I don’t tell her often enough or even show her how I feel, but in my heart I know she saved my life by teaching me how to open my heart and love. I have done nothing in my life to deserve the life I have now, and it’s all because of her.  She is truly my one and only love. Her sparkling brown eyes and sincere smile is all I need to know that every day is a gift; that is why they call it the present. That gift is called Christine.


Michael & Christine Knapp