As a building/business owner, it is important for you to have designated persons with some knowledge of the fire alarm system. At the very least these people should be able to recognize when the system is impaired, understand how to reset the system and know when to call for service. Building maintenance personnel are often able to do visual inspections, however yearly extensive testing must be done by a qualified state licensed inspector. You will need a copy of the completed Inspection and Testing Form for yourself and your insurance carrier. A copy must be sent to the local Fire Marshall.


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5 Reasons to Call EES for Your Yearly Inspections

Insider's Scoop


Many of our customers and future clients have the privilege of interacting with EES office staff indirectly via phone or email. There are three very important employees that EES would like to highlight in this month’s newsletter as their energies and dedication to our customers is greatly appreciated.  

Sarah Brickell (pictured on the left) performs customer service obligations such as quoting and ordering parts, researching part information, sending and processing invoices for both the Clayton and Concord offices, and resolving issues regarding customer satisfaction. Mrs. Brickell says that this position has provided her “the opportunity to get to know our customers so that EES can better serve their needs”.

Carr Lee Washington (pictured on the right) ensures sales contracts are read, signed and completed with all requirements such as Certificates of Insurance and W-9's attached. She enters job information and contacts the customer's billing department to ensure invoice delivery for prompt payment. Mrs. Washington also assists accounts payable, enters billing data, and files documents for easy access of future payments. She also keeps the internal EES production running smoothly by ordering and maintaining supplies to provide a well-ordered work environment.

Sandy Howell (Office Manager, pictured in the center) is responsible for all personnel duties in both offices including new employee set up, Homeland Security E-Verify, health insurance enrollment and benefits, biweekly payroll, monthly NC sales tax reporting, payroll taxes and quarterly tax reporting. Her duties also include project billing with AIA Applications for Payment and certified payroll reports for government projects as well as monthly NC sales tax reporting. She also provides accurate accounting reports to Michael Edwards (EES, President and CEO) as required.

Edwards Electronic Systems is extremely appreciative of the diligent efforts each of these individuals provide for our customers and other employees daily.