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Welcome to the next Team Fear book: Survive By The Team! This time, it's Stills turn in the hot seat, & he does not disappoint! Not only is he a super hot fearless soldier, but he's the guy who walked away from the girl back home to protect her from the fallout of their failed government program.

He's about to meet the woman he can't walk away from.

Here's a secret about Stills. He was supposed to die. The first time he walked onto the page in Fight by the Team, I intended him to be the one who didn't survive. But I fell in love with his humor and his seemingly devil-may-care attitude. I was writing in Panera with Jennie Marts, and she looked across the table and told I was crazy to kill him off. I agreed. Now you get to meet Stills and love him as much as I do!

PLUS ***FREE** Ebook (US): To celebrate the newest Team Fear release,

LIVE BY THE TEAM (Team Fear 1) is free 6/23/17 - 6/27/17

Read the opening here


This month I'm doing something different with the giveaway. My SPRINTING partners and I are giving away 13 prizes in our Lucky 13 giveaway

Get Lucky in Love: Looking for your next book boyfriend? Find him in one of these great summer reads.

June 13 - July 13 we're giving away 13 total prizes. One lucky winner will receive an 8MB Kindle and 4 winners will receive 3 books each (one from each author).

Strike Zone by Beth Rhodes
Catching the Cowgirl by Jennie Marts
Survive by the Team by Cindy Skaggs


Here's what's going on in the Twitterverse:

Ron Howard is set to direct the Han Solo reboot.

Tropical Storm Cindy made landfall (aptly named, might I add).

Boys in Exeter England​ wear skirts for a cause. :)

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