March 2022

Know Who Wears the Genes in Your Family: Family History and Genealogy



Your Grandparents Said What? Sayings Passed Down in Genealogy!

What is (or was) an old school saying that you heard from your grandparents while growing up?Social history is a very important part of our genealogy and leaves us with more than just names and dates; it’s how our family lived and who they were. Our grandparents (or other ancestors) had sayings for anything and everything under the sun! There were sayings for advice...

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Have You Registered for the World's Largest (and FREE) Family History Event Yet?!

RootsTech, by Family Search, starts in four more days! Have you registered yet? 100% Virtual and 100% FREE! Connect with your family, explore your heritage, and meet your relatives out there and chat with them, by signing up for this FREE March 3-5 family history event now! 

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The 1930 U.S. Census Record in Genealogy: A Closer Look 

We're getting so close to the relase date of the 1950 U.S. Census! 

Continue with me on the 1930 Census in this series that takes a closer look at the 1850 to 1950 U.S. Federal Census records, and see what details you may have missed with your family in this valuable resource, while brushing up on your knowledge of the censuses before the release date!

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