We look forward to returning to our studio. However, in the meantime, we're discovering unexpected opportunities in the new normal.

Four weeks ago we apprehensively began a new way of working -- from home. Today, we reflect on the benefits this change has brought to our team and our clients.



Going into this, we weren't sure how the collaborative spirit that is foundational to our projects could be upheld without being stymied.

However, we've been surprised by the number of apps out there built around very premise of creating together. In many ways, we're now practicing a deeper form of collaboration thanks to these targeted digital tools, both within our team and with our clients and colleagues.

Project progress.

Importantly, these tools have seen our studio maintain progress on current projects, and even welcome the commencement of new ones.

There are limitations to digital presence. As our work culminates in the physical construction of ideas, we practice strict social distancing on building sites during essential visits.

New Projects.

In similar ways, the early phase of a project requires us to spend time on site to collect information and become acquainted. Through social distancing and observance of other relevant recommendations, we've been able to conduct a number of such visits in the past weeks.


Two years ago we ran a series of workshops during OHP 2018 with the title: 'What Makes a Good Brief'. We feel these workshops could now be more relevant than ever!

We realise that many people will be contemplating home renovations in their present state of confinement :)

While Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz will get those folk to a certain point, we have developed a guidebook to assist them in sharpening their focus.

This can be downloaded free of charge from our website.

Alternatively, we are running a series of one-on-one (well, two of us, and as many of you as you would like) workshops on Zoom for those interested in delving into this task with a little more guidance.

You can select a pre-packaged consultation in 2-hour blocks or a more tailored conversation without time constraints. Link below:


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