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Great American Smoke Out

The Great American Smoke Out is an annual American Cancer Society event held on the third Thursday of every November. The purpose of this intervention is to educate on the dangers of smoking and encourage smokers to quit that day. Tobacco use is the single largest cause of disease and preventable death in the United States. During this month, our Island Teens worked hard to educate their peers on the harmful effects of smoking and vaping. Smoking causes approximately 480,000 deaths every year, or 1 in 5 deaths in the U.S. During the entire month of the Great American Smoke Out (GASO), ITAT students prepared materials to share with their classmates on tobacco and vaping. 

​The materials ITAT shared included shadow boxes comparing vape juice flavors to popular candies and mints, as well as Smarties candies labeled "Be smart, Dont start!", pictured below.  


Students stood in line to sign a pledge. By signing their names they pledged to be tobacco/vape free.


Above are handouts containing tobacco/vape facts for students to read.


ITAT educates their peers on smoking and vaping


                       ITAT Team-building

ITAT is also busy with team-building exercises to practice collaborating and being leaders. Pineview ITAT students pictured below, formed a committee to create a tobacco Power Point to share with their middle school. They also practice team building skills as a club. 


Tobacco Facts: 

(Utah DOH,,

​-More than 34 million Americans smoke cigarettes

-Quitting smoking improves health immediately

-Human sweat contains urea and ammonia. Urea is added to cigarettes.

-Second hand smoke contains 7,000 chemicals, many of which cause cancer

-In the US, 33,951 people die from second-hand smoke related heart disease.

                                           Diabetes Facts: 

Pacific Islanders are more likely to develop pre-diabetes or diabetes type II than non-Hispanic White people. 

Women who have had gestational diabetes are more likely to develop diabetes type II in their lifetime.

1 in 3 people has pre-diabetes and doesn't know it.

Early symptoms of pre-diabetes are dizziness, headaches, fatigue, frequent urination (especially at night), blurry vision, and tingling in fingers and toes.


There has been a terrible measles outbreak in Samoa, with over 70 deaths already. The country is in urgent need of supplies, and anything donated is a great help! Below are drop off details for anyone who may be interested in donating. May we keep Samoa in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this tragedy. 


                      UPCOMING EVENTS: 

December 11: Westlake High School's Fill The Jar fundraiser (ITAT will have a booth)

December 12: Skyridge High School Christmas Event- ITAT will be performing

December 25: Merry Christmas!!

During this Christmas season, take the time to share a smile, to say hello, to make a difference in someones life. Remember the reason for the season and show gratitude to those you love. ITAT is grateful for your continued support.


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