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Issue 18, October 2022

This newsletter is typically distributed the last Thursday of the month and contains a variety of resources, links, and reflections on graduate-level career & professional development, higher education, and an occasional detour into neuroscience topics, the area I formally trained in as a graduate student and postdoc.

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Reflections Blog: October 2022 


Precarity, Competition, and Innovation: How Economic Systems and Structures Shape Our Future

Globalization and capitalism have dominated the world economy since the end of World War II, accelerating in the 1990s and 2000s.

What has this process wrought? Winners and losers. Large returns to capital and a shrinking "middle class". 

Do increases in innovation and economic growth come at a human cost? 

I share some of my thoughts and links to more in-depth readings on these complex topics.  

Worthy Reads

Teaching as a Transferrable Skill

The ability to help others learn can be applied in almost any job, and graduate students and postdocs should develop it as soon as they can.

Learn more about effective teaching and pedagogical skills via:

Programs Worth Promoting


NIH Raising a Resilient Scientist Series for Faculty Mentors

The NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education offers a series of webinars and small group discussions to help faculty mentors support their students and postdocs. This is a companion program to their Becoming a Resilient Scientist​ series for students and postdocs. 

Programming began November 9th

The workshops and group discussions in the series are:

  • Communication Skills to Build Trainee Resilience
  • Promoting Trainee Resilience
  • Building a Welcoming and Inclusive Research Group
  • Difficult Conversations, Conflict, and Feedback
  • The Mental Health and Well-being of Your Trainees

See the full schedule and register to attend!


SmartSkills Series

NPA Race & Ethnicity Equity Summit

  • Thursday, November 17th, 12-4 PM ET

This summit seeks to identify barriers – and find paths forward – in the greater postdoctoral community on the path to racial and ethnic equality. Roundtable discussions are currently planned on a variety of topics from diversifying the cohort of potential postdoctoral researchers to promoting robust permanent position options after postdoctoral period completion. It is the hope of the NPA and its allies that these conversations will lead to further discussions about specific issues and actions toward solutions in the racial and ethnic equity space.

Revisiting Past Blog Posts 

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is more than a document, it is a process for assessing yourself, your short and long-term goals, and making plans to achieve them.

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Big things come from small beginnings. This is quite true when it comes to building your network and personal brand. It takes time to grow both; so, starting early is critical. 

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In this NIH BEST Blog Rewind, I reflect on my own career exploration process as a late-stage postdoc. Hopefully it inspires readers to consider the many paths available to them in their careers and lives. 

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