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Bonaparte Falls Apart by Margery Cuyler

Bonaparte Falls Apart

Bonaparte Falls Apart has vintage Halloween feels, illustrated by Will Terry in pencil and minimal color. Still, it is a back-to-school story about an unhappy skeleton who can't keep himself together. He beings to worry before his first day of school that his schoolmates will not accept him for who he is. He learns the power of friendship when his pals band together to make him feel comfortable in his bones again. He learns to value himself when his schoolmates make him feel welcome.

What is impressive about this book is that the character designs are so welcoming and friendly. It is a pleasure to view.

By Margery Cuyler
Illustrated by Will Terry

If anything is holding you back from writing your first picture book, it is time to remove obstacles and reduce friction.

Reducing friction could mean carving out more time for writing. It could mean removing distractions that keep you from being productive during your writing time. It could also mean taming the ego that keeps you from pursuing writing courses and critique groups.

Whatever it is, you have the power to create a space that is more conducive to productivity. See if you can't make a list of the ways you can make things easier on yourself.

"Remove the friction, set the right driving forces, and let the good habits roll into your life." -Wendy Wood, Good Habits, Bad Habits

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