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September 2017

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  • September Program Details
  • Red Shoe Book Club 
  • Gennie's Spotlight
  • Legislative Update
  • Helping Patriot Paws
  • 2017 Membership Directory​
  • Thank you Volunteers

SRW To Meet September 19 at Quail Point

Light Lunch 12:30 p.m.

Program Begins 1:00 

Upcoming GOP Events Calendar

Republican Party of Texas Chairman To Speak at SRW's Sept. 19 Meeting


Star Republican Women will meet Tuesday, September 19 at Quail Point Lodge, kicking off its 2017 fall meeting schedule with featured speaker James Dickey, newly elected Republican Party of Texas chairman.

Former chairman of Travis County Republican Party and a long-time GOP activist, Dickey was elected in a special election in June after former chairman Tom Mechler resigned.

Since that time, Chairman Dickey has taken an active leadership role at the RPT with the overarching goal of Keeping Texas Red in 2018.

Please join us in welcoming Chairman Dickey and learning how we all can help Keep Texas Red!​

Red Shoe Book Club To Meet Tuesday, Sept. 26 at HSB Resort


Star Republican Women will host a Red Shoe Book Club gathering Tuesday, September 26 from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Lantana Room at the Horseshoe Bay Resort.

Carole White, chairman of SRW's Literacy Committee, will lead the discussion about the chosen book:  See Something. Say Nothing, by Phil Haney and Art Moore.

Haney is a charter member and prior Customs and Border Protection Officer of The Department of Homeland Security. 

In their book, Haney and his co-author explain how two purges of data and files removed critical recorded evidence detailing Jihadist terrorist organizations' efforts to infiltrate into the U.S. government, thereby facilitating their deep entrenchment throughout the country to jeopardize our nation's security.

Mr. Haney, who has prior experience in the Middle East, states, "The threat of Islamic terrorism does not come just from a network of armed organizations, such as Hamas and ISIS, who are operating "over there" in the Middle East. In fact, branches of the same global network have been established here in America and they are operating in plain sight...."

Wine and other beverages as well as pizza or small plate appetizers are available for purchase.  After the book review discussion there will be a CHAT session.​

Gennie's Spotlight


Is the Republican Party in disarray?

If you listen to the news reports and watch what is being shown on the national news, you would say and believe that the USA is in terrible trouble from the Presidency to the streets of our cities. But if you look at the real truth of our situation and what is happening, you will know that this so called turmoil is a situation that the Democratic Party planned, not wanting success for our President.

We all know by now that the Media is biased. So what can we do and what is our obligation as down-home supporters of our president and of our Republican Party? 

We must become stronger than ever in supporting our President and our conservative Party. We have an obligation to fulfill and to be strong in our cause, and not to become weak because of what is being thrown out there by complete falsehoods.

We must support and stand firm in our beliefs of the Constitution and the path the President is seeking. He needs our help and I plan to be there to help in anyway I can.  Can we count on You?  Take the Pledge and do so. Stand Up and Pledge Your Allegiance To The United States Of America with  A BIG AMEN ! 

Gennie Ward, SRW President


Legislative Update

By Tomi MacDonald

Chairman, Legislative Committee


Here at the Republican Party of Texas, we are constantly working to advance the official Platform, which is rooted in conservative principles. Though there is still much work to be done, I am encouraged that the Legislature acted on these important items that will help keep Texas free and prosperous.

Protecting election integrity by cracking down on mail-in ballot fraud. Election integrity is absolutely fundamental to our republic. That is why we are strong advocates for increased scrutiny and security in balloting by mail as specified in the Republican Party of Texas platform plank #59.  Senate Bill 5 increases penalties for fraudulent mail-in ballots and was signed by Governor Abbott on August 11, 2017. 

Preserving property ownership through municipal annexation reform. The RPT platform plank #37 expresses that property ownership must not be abridged or denied by government and that we support legislation that protects this bedrock right. Municipal annexation takes away control from property owners and places their property under the authority of government officials they did not elect. It then forces them to pay new taxes and be placed under new regulations that accompany moving to a new municipality.  Senate Bill 6 was signed into law by Governor Abbott on August 15, 2017.

Defending the sacred right to life.  Plank #94 of our platform calls for abortion insurance coverage to be treated as supplemental and billed to the beneficiary and is an important step in moving us closer to the goal of saving all unborn Texans. These important pro-life protections were in House Bill 214, which was signed by Governor Abbott on August 15th. 

Strengthening reporting requirements for abortion complications.  In strengthening the reporting requirements in cases of abortion complications, the Legislature has taken steps to help protect the lives of mothers and their unborn children. This measure will also ensure that accurate data is collected regarding our pro-life laws. Thank you to the authors, co-authors, and sponsors of House Bill 215 and House Bill 13 for their efforts on this legislation.

Do Not Resuscitate orders. The rights of patients should absolutely be respected all the way through the end of their lives regarding the treatment and care they receive. Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders must require the consent of the patient or his/her family. The RPT plank #100 calls for reform of existing legislation so that DNR may not be ordered for a patient without his or her own or the family’s knowledge and consent.

Texas law previously allowed health care providers the ability to impose DNR orders on patients without their (or their surrogate’s) knowledge or consent.  We applaud the legislature for passing this important legislation and Governor Abbott for signing it.

James Dickey, RPT Chairman​​

For an additional legislative report from Texas Rep. Andrew Murr, please click on the button below.

Special Legislative Report by Rep. Murr

Caring for America Project to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Millions of our fellow Texans are facing the biggest disaster our State has ever experienced.  Our hearts go out to these individuals and families who have lost so much, and Star Republican Women are mobilizing to provide immediate support to those who are now in shelters and relief centers.

We have been in touch with our State Senator Dawn Buckingham to determine how we can best provide aid to these displaced Texans. She forwarded to us a list of items that have been requested by State Senator Creighton who serves the Houston area. Items that we collect will be delivered to Austin, and Senator Creighton and his staff will oversee the distribution of the items to the locations in need.

Following is a list of items needed NOW:

  • cots
  • blankets
  • pillows
  • towels
  • clothing
  • diapers (adult and baby)
  • baby wipes
  • formula & bottles
  • toiletries (shampoo & conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
  • non-perishable food
  • water
  • pet food
  • portable phone chargers

 We request that you package each item separately if at all possible, particularly blankets, pillows, clothing and towel sets. This will help expedite the management and distribution of the items.

Please deliver your items to Marsha Lovelady, Chairman of SRW's Caring for America Committee, at 103 Sitting Bull, Horseshoe Bay. Deliveries will be accepted from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Anyone interested in assisting SRW's Caring for America Committee in preparing the shipment(s) of those items collected, please contact Marsha at [email protected].

Don't Miss This Opportunity!!


As Republicans, we are committed to supporting our country, state and local governments.  Republican women provide a voice in promoting the principles, objectives and policies of the Republican Party and in electing Republican candidates. State and local elections are just around the corner.  

One way STAR Republican Women can support our Party is to increase our membership. A good portion of our dues is used to support candidates and provide speakers to keep you informed on the issues. It is of utmost importance that we KEEP TEXAS RED!!!

We are asking you to help in this endeavor. STAR Republican Women is participating in the Texas Federation of Texas Women competition to increase membership in TFRW. 

This is how it works: We are nearing the end of our current membership year, so we are dropping  dues for new members to $15 during August and September.  This would include family, friends and former members. If we recruit 40 new members during August and September, our club will receive $450.  Some members might consider sponsoring other women. $75 will sponsor five $15 memberships.

Click on the button below to download the membership form and recruit family and friends to become new members! And for those former members who failed to join earlier this year, please consider joining now at the reduced rate so you can enjoy membership benefits now through December.

Please mail completed membership forms and your dues checks to:    

     STAR Republican Women, PO Box 8675, Horseshoe Bay, TX  78657

Please don't delay!  We need to act NOW! Please mail your membership forms as soon as possible.

Emily Tobin,

SRW Membership Vice President

2017 SRW Membership Form

2017 Membership Directory Online

A current list of Star Republican Women members and associates is available online.  Click on the button below or go to www.starrw.org. The directory is under the Club Documents tab and the password to access the list is SRW2017.

If you have any changes to your listing, please contact Membership VP Emily Tobin at: [email protected].

2017 Membership Directory

2017 SRW Officers

President                    Gennie Ward      [email protected]         325-247-4078

1st VP/Programs       Denise Rives          [email protected]        432-638-7808

2nd VP/Membership  Emily Tobin      [email protected]        214-578-5986

Secretary                     Kathy Hussey            [email protected]       825-423-0418

Treasurer                     Caron Drake     [email protected]     832-498-6002

2017 SRW Committee Chairmen

Awards            Annette Burton             [email protected]           830-220-3618

Hospitality          Kathy Stahl             [email protected]           832-472-5437

Parliamentarian     ML Kromer          [email protected]           830-596-7061

Caring for America    Marsha Lovelady  [email protected]   432-238-9428

Chaplain         Shannon Thomas                  [email protected]           409-673-0434

Legislation   Tomi MacDonald     [email protected]           830-220-0230

PR/Newsletter    Mary Lou Kromer    [email protected]            830-596-7061

Ways & Means    JoEllen Henderson     [email protected]             806-789-2886

Literacy                Carole White                 [email protected]             713-598-4500

Campaign Activity Scarlett Reimer  [email protected]       970-227-8264 

Star Republican Women is an affiliate of the Texas Federation of Republican Women.  It serves an area within Texas Senate District 24 and TFRW Region XI.

 NOTICE:     Political advertising paid for by Star Republican Women PAC, PO Box 8675, Horseshoe Bay, TX 78657, a non-profit organization under Section 527 of the IRS Code.  Contributions to Star Republican Women are NOT tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income purposes. Corporate contributions are not permitted. Not authorized by any candidate or committee.   EDITOR:  Mary Lou Kromer – 830-596-7061 [email protected]