Franklin Gear Starts After School Program

While we continue the search for a decent home for the makerspace, we want to impact our community now.

Franklin Gear has partnered with SAU 18 to provide two exciting after-school programs at the Franklin Middle School - Woodworking and Culinary Arts.

The Middle School has a Culinary Arts Room with numerous workstations for preparing and cooking food.  The only thing that is missing is a staff.

The same is true of their Woodshop.  Our goal is to give kids a chance to learn and enjoy these skills and lay the foundation for growth in these areas, so they can be staffed by skilled instructors and become part of every school day.

Both classes give students useable life skills and increase their self confidence!  

Each of these programs has 16 students attending them. We have volunteer instructors, who have built these programs and a few volunteer assistants to help these classes run smoothly.  Sixteen kids requires the instructors to have at least one other adult to manage. We are looking for more volunteers to help out.

The classes run Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 3pm until 4:30pm.

Do you like to cook and/or use woodworking tools?  You don't have to be an expert; just assist the instructor.  Being both fun and rewarding, that hour and a half goes by fast!  Even helping us 1 day a week can make a huge difference!

To find out how you can participate click the button below and drop us a line!  Thanks!

- Bill Yacopucci

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