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September Self-Investment 

September is powering up with a new phase of life possibilities as abundance unfolds with the change of seasons and a change of heart. 

How are you embracing the beauty and splendor of this September?  What is your heart saying? Are you listening closely? How are you investing in your unique and magnificent self?

Change of Seasons

We experience seasonal changes with autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere and spring equinox in the southern part of our planet. The gifts of these equinoxes is awakening of your creative fire, your authentic power revealing your gifts and talents. The earth wakes up and spirit comes alive in so many ways with harvest bounties and new blooms happening all over our world. At the same time as the equinoxes occur, the sun moves into Libra: The “balanced” beautifier of the horoscope family. Libra energy inspires us to peace, harmony and cooperation and doing it with style, ease and grace.

Change of Heart

Self-investment produces benefits like investing in an exotic vacation experience yet it is much different in that it produces long-term results instead of temporary relief or pleasure. Self-investment is your unique inner savings account that you make regular deposits by focusing upon heart consciousness and heart resonance.

Self-investment is different than self-care. The true essence of self includes your heart's core values, your unique soul's gifts and your eternal light. Uncovering your true essence naturally brings balance and calm to your emotions, mental-thought processing and your physical vehicle's function. 

Building your inner savings account with energy, light and love takes commitment to make a change of heart. Being open to receive new information from your resources Above, Within and Earth-below activates and aligns your heart's inner leader to create space for new deposits to come flowing in. Shifting from what your mind-ego thinks it has to "figure out" to your heart's inner leader of “being in the flow” brings more ease, peace, joyful happiness and fulfillment.

Self-investment requires balancing and aligning all aspects of your beautiful, magnificent self. This takes a change of heart for allowing your inner leader to speak, act, lead and guide. Your inner leader shines the brightest with authentic power when it flows in alignment with Above, Within and Earth bringing forth the "AWE" in you.

The Inner Leader Movement is based upon AWE guiding principles to focus upon new and exciting self-investment opportunities to build strong and wealthy accounts for heart intuition, intelligence and soul wisdom for remembering your true essence.

I have the most rewarding life job ever and am excited every day I am gifted here to work with souls who are ready to shift, change and open their hearts to be different leaders personally and professionally in the world today!


Stay in Tune

Above, Within and Earth

The "AWE" in You

When I tuned in to my Divine Team and Angels, here are three quick, simple Self-Investment tips to offer you for September:

Breathe Deep and Slow: Breathe with a conscious intention throughout each hour of the day. As you inhale deeply, feel the qualities of life's sustaining breath which carries light, Divine Love, fragrances and colors of the season as well as earth’s gift of oxygen. "Slow down to go faster" is important to integrate the new energies. Each focused, conscious breath is super-fuel for heart and soul.    

Create “Take 5" Still-Quiet Time:  First, take notice and make a list of all the things that distract you from you sitting in silence or being still and quiet for 5 minutes at least once or twice during an active day. For example, how much time are you scrolling on social media? Next, invest time to "Take 5" still-quiet points throughout the day. Keep increasing the frequency daily. Whatever you are experiencing, managing or creating in the moment of now, you can now “feel through it” and bring greater clarity, ease and grace to all that is swirling and twirling around you. Ease and grace are fuel pumps for your heart and soul and can be accessed with several still-quiet points daily.

Create Allowance: Allow vs. Force-Push Energy: You create energy all around you by your speech, actions, behaviors and what your heart is broadcasting in its electromagnetic field. When we force and push, the heart will broadcast worry, frustration, impatience or fear in your energy field. Manifesting and magnetizing what is needed in your life to move forward is no longer aligned with the energy of pushing yourself, others or situations to expected outcomes. Guess what that energy magnetizes to you? "Allow" the space and time to “feel” through what is necessary to navigate life which creates balance for your heart. Create more “allow-release-flow” energy all around you to invest in your heart's resonance levels to magnetize more love, joy, happiness and peace.

Ready to start building new investment savings accounts for your amazing AWE-some self?  Trust these tips (notice they all have a common thread in managing and integrating energy!) and create your own self-investment tips and strategies as you expand, change and return to heart.


Special Offerings

NEW!  Intuitive Reading Packages

Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze


Based on requests from clients who have experienced how intuitive readings are changing their lives immediately with amazing results, I am excited to announce you can invest in Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze packages over a time period of 4-6 weeks!

Here is a recent testimonial from a client who signed up for the Diamond Intuitive Reading Package:

"When Lisa offered a six week package of intuitive readings, it felt just right, and exactly what I needed for a solid experience of the multidimensional self. I used to get readings here and there, which were absolutely MAGICAL, however meeting regularly has helped to integrate the magic into daily life. The package is a wonderful way to experience a succession of readings that let you go deeper within accompanied by a most loving Guide, Lisa. I always have fun in self-discovery and often enjoy fascinating twists and surprises. This is WILD and wildly entertaining! I have emerged from each session feeling more joyful, nurtured and powerful. Each session adds details to the LIfe puzzle, which is being completed miraculously through the readings, and in no linear order. This is the magic that happens here and now to be felt everywhere and forever."

-Aura C. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Check out the new offering of Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze Intuitive Reading Packages here!

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Angel Astrology

Full Moon Circle Event

Yes, Angel Astrology is happening! Last month's event was a magical trip to the full moon and back. Each month a Full Moon Circle will be held at Cove Café in Half Moon Bay, California. This month's event is on Friday, September 13 @ 6:00 p.m. 

I will share an Angel astrology report for the full moon in Pisces creating an interactive experience by leading heart meditations, conducting a group oracle card reading and providing heart-focused techniques to promote calm and coherent states for navigating the full moon energy. 

The fun is in the surprise messages that happen while tuning in together as a group and as I am able to bring forth specific guidance for each person. Reserve early as only 12 seats will be offered!

Full Moon Registration

Inspiration.  Joy.  Happiness.  Fulfillment.  Confidence.  Success. 


May September be your Self-Investment month for creating wonderful, rich new deposits for your heart, soul and spirit.

I invite you to become part of the Inner Leader Movement to bring forth your true and authentic essence which is the best investment you can contribute to the world today. 

"Self-Investment brings Forth your Authentic power and truth for connecting you to your life mission."

~Lisa A. Clayton 

Many blessings filled with love and peace, 


Inner Leader Movement Founder
Spiritual Intuitive
Author, Mentor and Fun Activist

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