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September Newsletter

 Let’s Fear Less

September arrived with the power and beauty of a Full Moon in Pisces bringing us deep dives into our Intuition, experiencing emotional saturation and being invited to release more and more fears.

2020 has been one of the most challenging and fearful years that will definitely revolutionize world history. Fear is being pumped into our energy fields from many sources. 

The Source you can count on to help transmute fear is your very own amazing, powerful Source-self with your heart as a transmitter-receiver and your soul as the light of guidance.

During our Full Moon Circle on September 1st, a beautiful ritual came through for releasing fear. The ritual guided us to acknowledge 12 fears and dissolve them into water. 

As I did the ritual for myself, it took me less than two minutes to acknowledge 12 fears which surprised me! It inspired me to keep going and acknowledge ALL fears that were swirling around me belonging to others and more of my own. It was a fascinating ritual that birthed another program for the Inner Leader Movement, “From Fear to Freedom.”

Fear runs on the same instinctual alert system that is hardwired in humans to survive. This alert system is not designed to run our systems 24-7 which is what most people are experiencing through constant anxiety from fear and worry. 

Constant anxiety weakens our immune system, accelerates aging and causes a number of diseases, depression and other illnesses. Anxiety fueled by fear negatively impacts our decision making and choices. It makes us highly vulnerable to control and manipulation from sources feeding the fears.

2020 is being labeled as the year of fear by many. Let's change this label! Now is the time to manage masterfully the fear feedings we receive by others or ourselves. It's time to dig deep and discover our own undercurrents of fears running in our system that may not be shouting at us, but they are there.

Are you ready to fear less and activate your Inner Leader fully?

You Are Invited... 

I invite you to join in the Inner Leader Movement to become the leader you can trust to fear less and create more freedom in your life. The Inner Leader Movement creates a life sustaining foundation for your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual alignments with your Source-self.

The Inner Leader Movement brings you to your soul knowing and inner wisdom. Your soul light and its treasure chest of gifts are being called upon now.

Your investment into your self-servicing and your Inner Leader is taking top priority to move from anxiety-fear to calm, coherent states of being. By servicing yourself first, you can then be of service for creating the world you have been dreaming. 

Now, more than ever, your inner work and spiritual awakenings are no longer optional. They are essential.

We can no longer pretend to be someone we are not. We can no longer pretend what is happening in our world will go away. We are the creators of the new earth emerging; one we can LOVE to live in with all humanity.

The best way to start your essential Inner Leader work is to receive an intuitive reading. Transmissions are fun and surprising as they focus upon powerful connections with your heart, soul and Divine for realizing your authentic Source-self along with connecting with your Team Divine.

Don’t miss out on the "Summer of Soul" reading specials still happening Until September 22!

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Week of September 7, 2020

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We have several new and exciting programs for fall!

If you haven’t experienced the Inner Leader Movement, I will be offering complimentary 30-minute consultations to help you understand what approach or program would best fit your current needs.

                     “Let’s Fear Less” Fall Offerings

               Group Mentoring or Private Sessions for the following:         

12 Transcendence Key Codes: Guidance for Pause Time on Earth

Pillars of Light Protection: Activation of 12 Universal Truths

Inner Heart Compass Recalibration: Establish 4-Direction Life Balance

Heart-Mind-Body Reset: Practices for Daily Clarity and Coherence

From Fear to Freedom: Energy Release Techniques for Chakra Alignment

There is rapid expansion happening now as the energy is shifting once again. Inner Leader offerings help navigate "ever-changing" life experiences with deeper trust, confidence, courage and love. These offerings will align you with your true essence and soul knowing so you can feel more joy, satisfaction and ease during chaos and confusion.

                                  Also new for Fall

Angel Astrology for the Fall Equinox and Change of Seasons is new and happening on September 22! 

Registration will be open on our website under Angel Astrology Events.

Registration for Angel Astrology Events.

as we Move forward Together...

May your courage expand to know what not to fear and your confidence grow to rid the fears you take on with daily living. Let’s fear less together, uplift the vibration of heart and be the gifted light leaders for our world today.

Wishing you super charged heart and soul days in September filled with more love, peaceful calm and a radical soul strength to keep moving.

The enemy is fear. We think it is hate, but it is fear.


Many blessings filled with love and peace, 


Inner Leader Movement Founder
Spiritual Intuitive
Author, Mentor and Fun Activist 

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