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Gov. Cooper's (D) Healthcare Expansion in NC

On March 1st, Gov. Cooper (D) announced his healthcare plan which designates $12 million towards fighting opioid addictions, provides $1 million to help disabled individuals, increases funding to the Nurse-Family Partnership to serve women from late pregnancy until the child turns two years old, and more. Overall, Cooper's budgets for the next two fiscal years would provide a $3.76 million Medicaid rebase adjustment for 2017-18 and a $112.6 million adjustment for 2018-19. However, in 2013 the state's General Assembly passed a bill banning Medicaid expansion. Now that the law has halted Gov. Roy Cooper's (D) idea of expanding Medicaid through executive action, he says that the 2013 law banning Medicaid expansion violates the governor's "core executive authority" to accept federal funding and protect the public's health. Currently, a federal judge has put a temporary stay on Cooper's Medicaid expansion request. Cooper plans to expand Medicaid to 624,000 North Carolinians through an initiative that requires the approval of health-care officials in the Trump administration. Click here to view a full copy of Roy Cooper's Recommended Budget 2017-2019.


Employee Satisfaction is Important in Business Culture 

Whether you are a business owner or a manager, understanding the importance in employee satisfaction could potentially save you a significant amount of time, money, and valuable resources (such as future customers). While supervisors need not bend over backwards for every employee displeasure, it is extremely effective to take the time to learn about your employee's personal work habits, learning styles, and instruction preferences. This knowledge could help avoid the nonsense conflict that often occurs at work. Furthermore, providing opportunities for personal development even if it is not related directly to your company's products or services still has the potential to notably affect how productive your employee is while working. This could be done by offering financial assistance for continuing education or by designating a number days off per year that are specifically different from vacation and sick time in which an employee can take to attend a religious retreat, financial workshop, family development class, etc... Taking these few tips into consideration while interacting with each employee has the potential to make a good, short-term employee a great, long-term employee! Remember, employees are more than just workers, they are the face of your company! #DreamJob #JobLove


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