2023 chairmaking classes

Happy fall! The weather is starting to turn in Connecticut. I am looking forward to building lots of chairs in 2023. Check out the class offerings below and, as always, feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions. 


Hello from my shop on the second story!



Build a Democratic side chair designed by Curtis Buchanan. Get well acquainted with the drawknife and scorp!

April 17 - 22

June 26 - July 1

Continuous arm

Split and shave a 60" arm bow to steam bend - and that's just day 1!

May 15 - 20

October 16 - 21


3-legged perch

Forget the spindles and focus on undercarriage joinery as well as seat carving in this 3-day perch building course.

March 17 - 19

September 22 - 24

Contact me or click below to learn more about accommodations, pricing and chairmaking classes.

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