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Issue 10, November/December 2021

Happy Holidays! This will be my final newsletter for 2021. I look forward to continuing to share thoughts and resources relevant to higher education and career & professional development for graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and those who support them in 2022.

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Reflections Blog: December 2021 


My last blog post of 2021 is another neuroscience topic:

Dopamine, Drug Addiction, & Personalized Medicine

I highlight my and other's work seeking to better understand individual differences in dopamine signaling, including the impact of genetics on dopamine receptor availability in the human brain. This work has implications for efforts to treat a variety of dopamine-related disorders from ADHD and Schizophrenia to Parkinson's Disease & drug addiction. 

Relevant Reading

The Question of Ph.D. Career Diversity Initiatives

In this Inside Higher Ed piece by Christopher Caterine, he highlights the fact that to prepare graduate students and postdocs for the future of work, we must acknowledge that most career paths (outside academia) are nonlinear. Providing trainees with essential career & professional development services and resources will empower them to take charge of their career exploration and job search process.

Programs Worth Promoting

These amazing career & professional development programs deserve broad awareness and promotion. Many have developed facilitator guides and train the trainer resources to allow others to lead similar programs at their own institutions. 

Revisiting Past Blog Posts

Part of developing a professional identity is growing awareness of who you are and what you can do. This applies whether you are an academic or working professional. Starting early in developing your network and brand can pay big returns later.  

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Related to networking and developing your personal brand is conveying the value you can bring to an employer. While "selling yourself" may be a trite phrase, it is certainly true that building a professional narrative that shows the value you can bring to a potential employer can help in your job search. 

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The past 20+ months of COVID have left many reconsidering their personal and professional priorities. In this piece, I highlight the importance of finding meaning and purpose in your work and life. 

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